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d6a2afd33b In the distant future, technology on Earth has regressed to World War I levels. Mankind's enormous twenty-kilometer-long space colonies and advanced weapons such as mobile suits have long since been forgotten, relics of a past age. However, an advanced civilization still exists on the moon, and this Moonrace, led by Queen Dianna Soreil, is about ready to come home. As the initial invasion begins, Loran Cehack, a Moonrace agent sent ahead of time and then hired by the Heim family as a driver, is at his coming of age ceremony when the centerpiece of the ceremony, the mysterious statue known as White Doll, crumbles and reveals the fully functional and very advanced Turn A Gundam. The Earth's Militia force now has something more advanced than biplanes to throw at Dianna Counter's 40-meter-tall mobile suits, and the scales are tipped further in the Militia's favor when they begin to unearth from mountains mobile suits of their own…
"Turn A Gundam" is the fourth Gundam series to use an alternate universe concept, the others being G Gundam(1994)Gundam Wing(1995) and Gundam X(1996). However, while these other series bordered on excess, with bizarre designs, overly powerful Gundams and weapons, Turn A is a return to the simplicity the original Gundam embraced. Actually, it goes beyond that. Turn A is set in the far future, but apparently somewhere along the line technology took a nose dive and all Mobile Suits were buried, including a Gundam. The Earth has reverted to a World War I era state(A la Anne Of Green Gables), although a technically advanced race still exists on the moon. Some of these moon citizens come to Earth as advance scouts and adopt lives in regular society(Especially the main character Rolan). However, during a ceremony, the moon people decide to return to Earth-and a misnderstanding triggers war. Out of a bizarre statue, a mobile suit emerges to fight them-the Turn A Gundam. Loran is forced to fight his own people….. From what I've seen of Turn A Gundam, it's quite good. The animation is real nice and colorful, and the mecha designs-designed by Syd Mead, designer of "Blade Runner" and "Short Circuit" are truly unique designs. After the disappointment of Gundam X, this series is certainly a relief.
The second most recent Gundam series, the latest being SEED, takes a new approach to the mecha-warfare for which Gundam is known. The mecha themselves are quite original, much less angular, and seemingly simpler than older Gundam designs. The previous comment covers the basic plot early on quite well, but the commenter has obviously not seen the entirety of the series by the rest of his comments. The first comment is that the mobile suits of Turn A are anything but simple. From the incredibly powerful gun of the WaDom, to the transforming Eagel, they are at least on par with older Gundam weapons. The SUMO, Turn A, and Turn X are superweapons. With the impenetrable IF field, the six piece Turn X, that can destroy ships and suits with no trouble, and the Turn A's Moonlight Butterfly that can obliterate all life on Earth… They can easily compete with superweapons such as the Double X. Speaking of X, the only reason it isn't especially good, is that it was cut off eleven episode early.

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